For Sale:

Wall hanging rack for displaying a rifle.  Solid oak.  30"x 9."  Intended for a fairly long-barreled rifle (24+ inches).  Sorry, the Garand is for illustration only, not part of the sale.  $50 (or free if you reallllly have to have it but lack the shekels to pay for it. . .)  Contact Dan, Ph (828) 440-1029.

For Sale:

1# H-CFE223; 5# H-335; 6# IMR-4895; 4# IMR-4198; 1# Red Dot; 2# Bullseye; .9# IMR 3031(can opened). Volume purchases preferred. Priced only slightly above original purchase price compensating for no tax, haz-mat, or shipping charges.

Two 8# jugs of military surplus WC-846 [(loads same as BL-C(2) ]; $90 per jug. WC 846; This powder was specified by the government to charge the 7.62 NATO round (.308 Winchester) as fired in the M14 service rifle and M60 General Purpose Machine Gun. WC 846 is, of course, great for reloading the 7.62 NATO rounds. In addition it can also be used in 30’06 and .223 rounds. There are a great number of possible uses for this powder in other military and commercial cartridges. WC 846 is equivalent to commercial BLC2 powder.

If interested; contact - [email protected]

For Sale:

Browning BT-99, 12 gauge, 34” barrel, stainless steel receiver

Release trigger by Phillips Gunsmithing, Emery Texas

Extended Full choke, Extended Improved Modified choke

Full Plus choke

Negrini hard case

Excellent condition

$1,200.00 FIRM

Jerry – 828-808-5311

For Sale:

Dillon SL 900 shotshell loader complete, Set up for 20 gage, $1000

Lead shot #8, #7 ½, $50/25# bag

Ram Shot Powder, Competition 4# jug, $150/jug

Alliant Powder, e3 8# jugs, $220/jug

Winchester, W209 shotshell primers, $400/5k case

Sam Summey

For Sale:

1 - 20 ga Mec Grabber
1 - 12 ga Mec Grabber
$200 each
(828) 768-8262

For Sale:

Standard Set of Redding 6BR Rem dies for sale, $100.00 to any Club member
[email protected]


M2 Springfield 22 rifle
(828) 606 9396

For Sale:


20,500 22 LR’s, nose weights between 36 and 40 grain. CCI, Federal, Blazer and Winchester.  All at $.05 each

1400 .380 ACP FMJ at $.25 each

1250 .38 Special FMJ at $.35 each

Will give further identification/info to anyone interested.  All ammo is subject to prior sale.

Ken Flanagan
[email protected]
860 918-1851

For Sale:

Boxlock Ejector
470 Nitro Express
S2 Luxus Grade
99% Overall Original Condition
Case of Cape Buffalo Hide
40 Rounds of New DGX 500 grain
Snap Caps

Call Steve at 828-891-7130 (Landline)

For Sale:

Sig Romeo 5, New in Box$115.00

For Sale: 


I always guarantee any gun I sell for 1 year ! 

  • Remington 3200 Trap:  $2,500 30 inch barrels choked improved modified and full. Fancy grade Remington straight stock and forearm, Jones adjustable butt and Kick-Ezz recoil pad with recoil reducer installed into stock. Gold trigger shoe by Ballistic Specialties. Hi-Vis sight (Original sight bead included)  Unmodified 3200, 
    I’ve owned this shotgun since 1995 and it has always shot and worked perfectly. I got it from my good friend and original owner who is also a Remington collector. Serial number is 82xx which I think dates it to 1974 or 1975 
  • Remington 3200 Trap Stock – 1 of 1000 Grade: $ 1,000  Beautiful high gloss fancy wood, 1000 grade checkering, gold plate in pistol grip. Adjustable comb by Hollingsworth, two recoil pas, one for warm weather shooting, and a thinner pad for cold weather shooting with a jacket. Stock is new, no blemishes or noticeable marks.

  • Remington 3200 Skeet:  $3,500 12 gauge 28” barrels, with Kolar AAA fixed skeet choke full length insert tubes. Kolar barrel weight. Hi-Viz Sights. Jones adjustable butt and Kick-Ezz recoil pad with recoil reducer installed into stock. Gold trigger shoe by Ballistic Specialties. High grade stock and forearm. Recently serviced by Laib’s Gunsmithing  with receiver face and forend upgrades. (Original sight bead, barrel selector included) Very nice case. Great swinging and naturally pointing skeet gun with very light recoil.
  • Remington 1100 – 12ga Trap: $1,500 30” Step Rib Barrel, Beautiful shotgun. Very light recoil ! 
  • Browning Hi-Power - Belgium made in 1969 – $3,500  Perfect condition, 3 magazines. 
  • Timney Trigger for Remington 1100 – Used in excellent shape $250 
  • Timney Gold Trigger for Remington 1100 – New $650