Volunteer Project List

Occasionally there are projects around the clubhouse and ranges that need some extra hands to help out the club as a whole. See the current list below and contact the project leader to learn more.

Painting on the Skeet Houses
Re-paint the white blocks on all houses.  Lead volunteer:  Dave Foti
WNC Junior Hunter Competition FRIDAY MARCH 17th

We need about a half dozen volunteers Friday morning starting about 9am to set up the rifle ranges for parking on Saturday.  It's our biggest event of the year!  We get a lot of positive strokes from the many visitors.  If you've done it before, please come again so we get it right.  This year we also need to lay out an emergency helicopter landing pad.  Please LMK if you can come out.  No tools needed but maybe work gloves and a big tape measure.

Contact Terry Lynch
WNC Junior Hunter Competition SATURDAY MARCH 18th

We need 7-8 folks to do the parking Saturday morning.  Arrive at 6am and we'll have a meeting at 6:10am.  Gates open 630am and we'll probably have 300 vehicles lined up.  it gets pretty intense and it'll all be done by 8am!  Bring a good flashlight.  We'll provide radios.  LMK if you're coming to that too.  It's fun and you're interacting with lots of people visiting the Club!

Contact Terry Lynch