Any citizen of the United States 18 years of age or older may apply to become a member of this organization by first identifying two voting members in good standing as sponsors. Sponsors should get to know the candidate well before agreeing to be a sponsor and proceeding to the next step.  When convinced of the new candidate’s worthiness to be a Member, one of the sponsors must request an application from the Membership Chair, currently Charlie Liberto, and have the prospective new member complete it and return to the Membership Chair.  Proof of NRA membership is also a requirement.  Upon receipt, the Membership Chair will initiate a background check on the new candidate.  The prospective member must attend at least two regular Club meetings and then present themselves with their sponsors at a regular meeting for an interview.  At that time, the application may or may not be approved by the Board of Directors and if approved the applicant must pay the usual initiation fees and dues.

All new members are also required to complete a Range Safety Officers (RSO) course before being allowed the unsupervised use of any of the PCGC ranges. After completing the RSO course, the member will be given the combination to the gate lock. A fully approved Member may use the ranges at their convenience. Spouses, children, and guests must always be accompanied by the cardholding member.

All members of the Polk County Gun Club are required to maintain active membership in the NRA at time of application and during their membership in the PCGC.

Polk County Gun Club memberships are family memberships, allowing the applicant, spouse, children (up to age 19, or up to age 26 if they are students or military), and grandchildren to use the facilities. It is the responsibility of the member to supervise family members when using the range facilities.