2023 WNC Junior Hunter Competition

The annual 2023 WNC Junior Hunter Competition was held at Polk County Gun Club on March 22.  Thirty-one HS teams from all over the state competed in rifle, shotgun, archery, and orienteering.  There were well over 700 people on the property and we counted 377 vehicles of all sizes in the parking lots.  Under the supervision of the NC Wildlife and DNR officers and staff, all events were completed safely.  It was a great crowd and, although the day started off very cold, it warmed nicely as the day progressed and everyone had a good time competing and mingling with friends and family.

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ASI (Action Shooting) Pistol Match 1 Results
The first pistol match under ASI-USA rules was held February 4, 2023. There were 8 eager shooters who signed up to shoot with a mix of members and nonmembers.  Results are posted HERE.
Mike Murph Retires From Junior Clay Busters

As many of you know, Mike Murph recently retired from his position as long-time Coach of our Clay Busters program of skeet shooters for our Juniors.  Below is his note to members:

I would like to express appreciation to the Board of Directors and the membership of the Polk County Gun Club for all their support of the Polk County Junior Clay Busters and myself. In a short period of time, the team has produced several local, state and national champions in both trap and skeet, but more importantly has exposed many young people to the shotgun sports we all love.
I have decided for various reasons. To step down from my position as head coach and turn over the reins to someone else. This is My decision and no one else’s. I hope to be able to help coach and will continue to support the team in the future.
Thank you very much for helping to fulfill a dream.
Mike Murph
Long Range Handgun Discipline at PCGC

Polk County Gun Club introduced a new shooting discipline in 2022 – Long Range Handgun (LRH).  This activity is for handgunners wanting to compete in matches at ranges that normally are considered “rifle” distances. Information about LRH can be found HERE.

ASI Pistol Match for Saturday, January 7th CANCELED
This match is canceled as Caton McBride, the organizer, has contracted Covid.  He's doing ok but thinks this is the best decision. Therefore, the first-ever ASI match at PCGC will be on February 4 at 11am.

Drop Caton a note if you're planning to shoot so he has an idea of attendance.  All shooters, members and non-members are welcome.  Cost is $20 per person.

November 2022 election results favor passage of three important pieces of gun legislation in 2023

Dennis Allen, Director of Legislative Affairs provided a legislative update. In the past 2021-2022 North Carolina General Assembly session, North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association supported House Bill 398 (Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal), House Bill 49 (Concealed Carry Permit Lapse/Revise Law), and Senate Bill 43 (Protect Religious Meeting Places). All three bills passed with bipartisan support in the North Carolina House of Representatives and North Carolina Senate and were vetoed by the Governor prior to being signed into law.

As a result of the November 8, 2022 general election, the 2023-2024 North Carolina General Assembly will result in a Republican supermajority in the Senate, and a Republican simple majority in the House of Representatives. It is important to note that Republicans are only one vote short of a supermajority in the House of Representatives and will require a single Democratic vote to create a voting supermajority to override the Governor's veto in the upcoming session.

Legislative priorities for the upcoming 2023-2024 North Carolina General Assembly session include reintroducing the Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal Bill and finding further bipartisan support to override the Governor's veto.

A motion was made by Ralph Carson, Board of Directors to retain the services of the current lobbying firm for 2023 and to pay associated lobbying and registration fees to continue. A second was made by Clark Hardesty, Board of Directors. The motion passed unanimously

New ASI Action Pistol Matches

ASI action pistol matches coming to PCGC in on the first Saturdays of January, February, and March.  These will be test matches prior to the Board deciding to extend the events.  Click HERE for further information.

F-Class Tournament Year-End Results
With the completion of the PCGC 2022 F-Class competition season, it is with the greatest pleasure that we can publish the names of the folks that shot particularly well in the 2022 tournaments. While we single out the top three shooters in each subclass for seasonal awards, it is important to note that other competitors achieved scores that came very close to those of the top winners, with the best shooters winning purely on "X-count."  This competition also has proven that shooting excellence is not limited by youth, age, or gender!  The PCGC F-Class community as a whole is a very "high achieving" group and the top-scoring competitors deserve our commendation for very impressive shooting! Full Year-End results are posted HERE.
7th F-Class Tournament Results
PCGC hosted its final F-Class Tournament of the year on Saturday, 22 October, with a total of twenty competitors on the firing line. The weather for the tournament was exceptionally nice - pleasant and sunny with minimal wind, except for the usual tricky breezes at the end of the morning. The detailed write-up and results are HERE.
6th NRA High Power Rifle Match Results
Polk County Gun Club held the 6th and final NRA High Power Rifle Match of the Season Saturday, September 17th, 2022. The detailed write-up and results are HERE.
3rd Long Range Handgun Match - October 4th, 2022
Polk County Gun Club hosted its third and final Long Range Handgun match of 2022 on Tuesday evening, 4 October.  Nine shooters assembled on the firing line for the match and fired their twenty record shots at a groundhog target in the allotted time of fifteen minutes.  The club's Board of Directors distinguished itself in the competition, with Doyle Estes taking first place amongst the rimfire competitors and Terry Lynch taking first place in the centerfire class. The detailed write-up and results are HERE.
6th F-Class Tournament Results

PCGC hosted its sixth F-Class tournament of the year on September 24th with a total of twenty competitors. Shooting weather was very pleasant, though with the usual tricky PCGC range winds to keep everyone on their toes. The detailed write-up and results are HERE.

2nd Long Range Handgun Match - September 6th, 2022

Polk County Gun Club hosted its second Long Range Handgun match on Tuesday evening, September 6th. Eight intrepid pistoleers turned out to shoot their handguns at long range: six rimfire shooters and two centerfire shooters.  Interest in this match seems to be growing, and participants appeared to enjoy the relaxed evening atmosphere. The detailed write-up, photos, and results are HERE.

5th F-Class Tournament Results

PCGC hosted its fifth monthly F-Class tournament of the year on August 27th, with a total of twenty competitors. The detailed write-up and results are HERE.

5th NRA High Power Rifle Match Results

The August High Power Rifle match on August 20 was lightly attended due to some confusion with the 4-H event the previous week but it went smoothly and everyone had a great time.  The detailed write-up and results are HERE.

Reminder - Long-Range Handgun Match

Our club's second long-range handgun match is scheduled for Tuesday evening, 6 September.  ONE IMPORTANT CHANGE:  Match will begin at 6:30 pm rather than 7 pm.  The slightly earlier start time is intended to make sure we have enough light to shoot the match.

Format of the match remains the same:  twenty shots for record on a groundhog target in a time period of fifteen minutes.  Rimfire shooters will shoot targets on the 100 yard range.  Centerfire shooters will shoot targets on the 300 yard line.  Assuming there are more than three shooters in a class (rimfire or centerfire), first-place winners will receive a cash award.  Registration fee for the match is $15.